About Us

Serene Plastik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. (SERENEPLAST) was established in 2011 to bring new dimensions to PP-R and U-PVC piping solutions. Our brand name is “SP”.
SERENEPLAST’s product range: PP-R pipes and fittings for in-house applications, U-PVC pipes and fittings for sewage system applications and aluminum foil for PP-R stable pipe production.
Apart from our product spectrum in various markets, the continuity and realization of R&D efforts forms an integral part of our business management activities aimed at managerial development. We give priority to presenting our products in the markets related to SERENEPLAST’s business in such a way so as to accommodate our customers’ needs in the best possible manner and to ensuring that sound relations are established with our customers.
Export markets are our main target market for our products. Our products are preferred by customers in Russia, CIS countries, Arab countries and Eastern Europe.  Our goal is to provide customers quality solutions in piping systems and become a well-known leading brand in the industry.
SERENEPLAST’s product range: PP-R pipes and fittings for hot and cold water applications, U-PVC sewage water pipes and fittings and aluminum foil for PP-R stable pipe production. Aluminum foil proven its quality and became a market leader domestic and export markets for many manufacturers.
All of our products are manufactured according to international standards. PP-R products have product quality and health certificates from SKZ-Germany, TSE-Turkey and GOST-Russia. U-PVC waste water pipes and fittings are manufactured according to the DIN standards and certified by TSE-Turkey.
PP-R pipes and fittings are made of “polypropylene random copolymer”. This raw material is resistant to high temperatures, provides conformity to specific needs and requirements of potable and hot water transportations. PP-R pipes and fittings may be laid out according to the projected constant heat and pressure. The average service life of the system is estimated as 50 years in normal use.
U-PVC pipes and fittings offer a complete system to plumbers, technicians and home owners. U-PVC pipes and fittings can be used safely for decades without any maintenance.